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Norma Banaga Hennessy

Norma Banaga HennessyNORMA BANAGA HENNESSY emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia in 1997. A graduate of BSC - Accounting (FEU, Manila) with work background spanning a vast scope of tourism orientation that masked the artist side of her person during the late seventies onto mid-eighties, she kept and nurtured her art in private; limiting her art production to her growing collection and as presents to friends.

It was in the late eighties when the role of motherhood provided her the chance and time to openly and feverishly indulge into her artistic endeavors. Self-made as an artist, she joined art forums and sit-in painting sessions with various upcoming and mature artists while continually researching and experimenting on various media and technique, even delving into other art branches such as writing and photography.

The World is a BubbleNear the time of her family’s relocation to Australia, her work on 2-dimensional mixed media in which she attempted to dissect the visual form into basic elements through medium instead of technique, had drawn her into the company of established traditional artists in Manila. She became a member of the Parañaque Photographers Society headed then by the late Jerry-Elizalde Navarro and whose members include Roger San Miguel, Boy Delima, Raul Isidro, Fil de la Cruz and Paeng Pacheco among others. Digital image of "World is a Bubble", oil on canvass, 16"x20"

Currently, she is a member of the National Association for Visual Arts - Australia; Arts Industry Council, SA; Nexus Arts Centre, SA; Red House Gallery-Marion (SA); and University of Adelaide’s CISME (Centre for Intercultural Studies and Multicultural Education). Arriving in Adelaide in May 1997, she had a Solo- Exhibition at the Adelaide International Fringe Festival 1998 and has since exhibited in various events, galleries and locations; among which were the February 1998 Art Showcase at the Department of Transport (SA); "Tunarama 1999"- Port Lincoln, SA; "Ethos" - Red House Gallery, Marion (SA), 1999 Apex Annual Exhibition - Glenelg, (SA); Nexus’ 1999 Public Art Project - "Public Studio," group-exhibit- "Imagining the Artist", Nexus' Annual Member's exhibition, (Adelaide); Lawn Art (Marion, SA); and other art festivals from Victor Harbour (SA) to Yeppoon, Queensland.

The HealerAs an artist, craftsman and art collector, she has also exhibited some of her works and collections in a number of cultural events staged by the Filipino Community in SA.   Catching the inevitable overseas Filipino euphoria on the Philippine Independence Centenary in 1998, she co-organized the "Filipiniana-100 Years of Life and Remembrance"- an art and cultural heritage showcase with fellow Filipinos - Brenda Digance and Mariz G. del Castillo. It was presented by the Red House Gallery and was awarded the City of Marion’s Community Event of the Year, 1998. One of her 2-dimensional art works won the Nexus’ Most Innovative Art Award of 1999. Digital image of "The Healer", oil on canvass, 15"x24"

With the flourishing of so much variety in art and craft media, on all manners of technique and medium, she continues to engage on artistic experimentation, each time aiming for the ideal, settling for no less.

Currently, she is onto ceramic sculpture and etching for another solo-exhibition in Adelaide next year. Her future plans also include art exhibition overseas.

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