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When I was young... The World of Alfredo Roces
Ding RocesThe World of Alfredo Roces is a collection of the artworks (paintings, digital art, books, photography) of Ding Roces.

Ding's artworks "spread the word that the Filipino living in Oz is alive and well, enjoying the blessings of freedom and daring to visit new frontiers of the imagination."
The World is a Bubble Norma Banaga-Hennessy
Norma Banaga HennessyHer initial works in "tourism orientation masked the artist side of her person during the late seventies onto mid-eighties" and she kept and "nurtured her art in private; limiting her art production to her growing collection and as presents to friends."
Woman with Lotus Daisy Ann G. Cumming
Daisy Ann G. Cumming"Lord, may they see my art as an imprint of your Creation,
For it is an expression of my life's journey,
That everything I paint be done to please you;
Every brushstroke and colour is to speak of my inner emotions
and thoughts with special dignity from the heart."
Legong Dancer Jerry Elizalde Navarro
Jerry Elizalde Navarro"Ever the relentless artist, he painted ravenously even towards the end. When his fingers grew too weak, his wife Emma who is also an artist in her own right, continually stayed his side to assist him. While illness slowly ravaged him, his art, meantime carried on an independent and distinct identity of its own..." writes Norma Banaga-Hennessy as she describes the dedication of Jerry to his work.
Farm Scene Francisco Ibaņez
Francisco IbaņezCulture was basic and down to earth and life's context was lived at its core - birth, procreation and death. Art awareness and appreciation was limited to Ilocano "Tikong ken Tikang" - a stage satire during town fiestas and radio soaps aired from the neighbouring provincial town of Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Francisco Ibaņez was no stranger to that bare reality.
Portrait of Buhi Roger San Miguel
San Miguel's work contains a supremely enigmatic touch that sets it apart from other artists' work. Wherever his work might have found a niche, the genius in it immediately takes on a visual magic. His art illustrates the beauty of the east, the wonders of the tropics that make the Orient a virtual paradise for the eyes, heart and soul.
Mother and Child Amado (Jun) Caingat
Jun CaingatJun is a self-taught artist. He dabbles in oil, water colour, metal tooling and acrylic. In 1996, Jun won over 13 other artist to do a work for the Blacktown Migrant Resource Centre (NSW, Australia). The result is 2.4 m x 1.8m mural that includes "faces, and birds in flight - which represent change." which details dominant races and trends from various eras.



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